Burton Banger Club Radio Controlled Banger Racing ,Classic Hot Rods and 1300 saloon stocks

2020 Race Meetings

Here are all the meetings for 2020 so far (red txt have yet to be updated)


Sat 11th – Jugsy Memorial Icebreaker – MK1/MK2 Granada’s F2’ and Classic Hot Rods memorial meeting
Sat 25th  – All Yanks  Ally World Series rd1 (no xlwb) and captain fantastic Yank ABS  (no supports formula)


Sat 8 th  Van Slam XII – Big and Small Vans ,1300 saloon stocks rd 1

Saturday 22nd Club points rd1  Classic Hot rods Rd1 1300 saloon Stocks rd2

please note change to original planned date 


Sat 7th -All Jap ABS bangers  (spring series rd 1 ) –  Classic Hot Rods Rd 2.

Ally Bangers Unlimited

Sat 21st– Classy Crashers XII (Limo’s, Yanks, Jags, Rollers, Daimlers, Mercs Spring Series  RD2 , Classic Hot Rods rd 3 Ally Bangers unlimited


Sat 4th ABS Club points round 2,Classic Hot Rods Rd4 1300 saloon rd3
Sat 18th Fantastic Fig under 2lt ABS spring Series Rd 3, Alloy Bangers  , 1300 Rd 4


Sat 2nd Warneton Hells Bells  Anti Clockwise  ABS and Alloys, Classic Hot Rods rd 5

Sat 16th – ABS Burton club points rd 3 , Classic Hot Rods rd 6 1300 Rd 5

Sat 30th Stan Woods Classic Crasher (Overs and Unders) PRE 70 , 1300 saloons Rd 6


Sat 13th – All Jag Bangers ,Summer Series Rd1 ,- Classic Hot Rods Rd7 , 1300 saloons rd 7. 

Sat 27th -World of Shale X unlimited Bangers summer Series Rd 2, 1300 saloons Rd 8 Classic Hot Rods rd8


 Sat 11th  –ABS club Points Round 4  1300 saloons  rd 9 – Classic hot rods Rd 9
Sat 25th –Battle of Burton X-pre 70 teams of 4,  


Sat 8th Abs club Points Round 5, 1300 saloons rd 10,Classic hot rods Rd 10

Sat 22nd–  Modern Madness XI (shells post 1985)  – F2’s rd 9  Classic Hot Rods Rd 8 . Dodgems are in town


Sat 7th –MicroWorld VIIII (under 1300 cc)-   -classic Hot rods rd 9
Sat 21nd – Burton club Banger points meeting Rd8 – F2’s rd 10  – Classic Hot Rods rd 10


Sun 6th  1pm doors open – Man of the Midlands V1 (u1600 bangers) – (F2’s cancelled) Classic Hot rods Open Man of the midlands trophy race , 1300 saloons practice
Sat 19th –Burton Club Banger points rd 9- F2 rd 11 -Classic Hot Rods rd 11


Sat 2nd –Burton Halloween Hearses  Massacre XII -Ally Bangers, Classic hot rods club night 1300 saloons
Sat 16th – Burton Club Bangers points rd 10– F2’s rd 12- Classic Hot Rods  rd 12

SAT 30TH   –Single shell meeting ROVER P 5- F2’srd 13 -Classic Hot Rods rd 13


Sat 14th – rcBWS Champion of Champions (limited shell List ) – F2’s champion of champions meeting,  classic hot rod champion of champions Points scoring members only F2 and CHR
Sat 28th – Christmas Shell Wrecker – Ally Bangers and ABS used shells – Caravans – F2’s club night – – Club Trophy presentation