2020 Race Meetings

Here are all the meetings for 2020 so far (red txt have yet to be updated)


Sat 11th – Jugsy Memorial Icebreaker – MK1/MK2 Granada’s F2’ and Classic Hot Rods memorial meeting
Sat 25th  – All Yanks  Ally World Series rd1 (no xlwb) and captain fantastic Yank ABS  (no supports formula)


Sat 8 th  Van Slam XII – Big and Small Vans ,1300 saloon stocks rd 1

Saturday 22nd Club points rd1  Classic Hot rods Rd1 1300 saloon Stocks rd2

please note change to original planned date 


Sat 7th -All Jap ABS bangers  (spring series rd 1 ) –  Classic Hot Rods Rd 2.

Ally Bangers Unlimited

Sat 21st– Classy Crashers XII (Limo’s, Yanks, Jags, Rollers, Daimlers, Mercs Spring Series  RD2 , Classic Hot Rods rd 3 Ally Bangers unlimited


Sat 4th ABS Club points round 2,Classic Hot Rods Rd4 1300 saloon rd3
Sat 18th Fantastic Fig under 2lt ABS spring Series Rd 3, Alloy Bangers  , 1300 Rd 4


Sat 2nd Warneton Hells Bells  Anti Clockwise  ABS and Alloys, Classic Hot Rods rd 5

Sat 16th – ABS Burton club points rd 3 , Classic Hot Rods rd 6 1300 Rd 5

Sat 30th Stan Woods Classic Crasher (Overs and Unders) PRE 70 , 1300 saloons Rd 6


Sat 13th – All Jag Bangers ,Summer Series Rd1 ,- Classic Hot Rods Rd7 , 1300 saloons rd 7. 

Sat 27th -World of Shale X unlimited Bangers summer Series Rd 2, 1300 saloons Rd 8 Classic Hot Rods rd8


 Sat 11th  –ABS club Points Round 4  1300 saloons  rd 9 – Classic hot rods Rd 9
Sat 25th –Battle of Burton X-pre 70 teams of 4,  


Sat 8th Abs club Points Round 5, 1300 saloons rd 10,Classic hot rods Rd 10

Sat 22nd–  Modern Madness XI (shells post 1985)  – F2’s rd 9  Classic Hot Rods Rd 8 . Dodgems are in town


Sat 7th –MicroWorld VIIII (under 1300 cc)-   -classic Hot rods rd 9
Sat 21nd – Burton club Banger points meeting Rd8 – F2’s rd 10  – Classic Hot Rods rd 10


Sun 6th  1pm doors open – Man of the Midlands V1 (u1600 bangers) – (F2’s cancelled) Classic Hot rods Open Man of the midlands trophy race , 1300 saloons practice
Sat 19th –Burton Club Banger points rd 9- F2 rd 11 -Classic Hot Rods rd 11


Sat 2nd –Burton Halloween Hearses  Massacre XII -Ally Bangers, Classic hot rods club night 1300 saloons
Sat 16th – Burton Club Bangers points rd 10– F2’s rd 12- Classic Hot Rods  rd 12

SAT 30TH   –Single shell meeting ROVER P 5- F2’srd 13 -Classic Hot Rods rd 13


Sat 14th – rcBWS Champion of Champions (limited shell List ) – F2’s champion of champions meeting,  classic hot rod champion of champions Points scoring members only F2 and CHR
Sat 28th – Christmas Shell Wrecker – Ally Bangers and ABS used shells – Caravans – F2’s club night – – Club Trophy presentation


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