Classic Hot Rods Points 2019

Name Rd 1 Sat 23rd Feb 2019Rd 2 sat 9th March Rd 3 sat 6th April Rd 4 sat 18th May
Rd 5 sat 1st JuneRd 6 13th JulyRd 7 27th JulyRd 8 24th AugRd 9 7th SeptRd 10 21st SeptRd 11 19th OctRd 12 16th NovRd 13 30th Novrunning total
Andy Clements161818181818181620201820218
luke Peace181416201616201416161618200
Graham Gamble202020dns2020201818200176
Tom Rookyard1416121614161814121416162
Mike Murray121010014121068
Mike Evans1281030
Tom Haywood01401428
Andy Adams (Grizz)101222
Mark Lester140620
Karl Lester12012
Andy Johanson
Martin Saxton

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