Ally Banger Rules

Alloy Banger Rules

1. Shells must be made from 0.5mm aluminium and must be a single layer. No double skins.
2. Maximum size pop rivets to be used is 2.4 mm .
3. Maximum size nuts and bolt to be used is m3 5.5mm. If using nuts on outside of shell the thread must be cut flush to the nut. Bonnet bolts can have a maximum of 3mm of thread showing. No more than 4 bolts in the bonnet and no more than 6 bolts/ cable ties in the boot.
4. Shells are to represent a full size car. Windows must be cut to correct size for that car.
5. Door plates may be added but must be no thicker than 2mm (any material can be used)
6. Custom h-frames/cages can be used with side impact bars but must be no bigger than 12.5 mm box. 10 mm X 10 mm available from b an q wickes etc (Highly recommend using side impact bars as this will prevent a and b pillars from snapping)
7. Shells can be mounted using plastic posts. Would prefer if people nut and bolted them so the bonnet can still be removed. Shells must not be mounted further Back than the h-frame/cage.
8. Repairs. Repair plates maybe added. They must be on the inside where possible, if not possible then they must be painted the same colour as the car when returned for the next meeting.

9. Manual speedos or the only ESC aloud is the Kamtec K1

Anything else that you would find on a full size banger I am happy to let you use as long as it’s not OTT. If you are not sure please ask.

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